David Shiers is a Staffordshire based artist. Having worked in various studios as a Graphic Designer and exhibiting widely around the country, David  has painted professionally since 2003. He attended Liverpool College of Art life drawing classes.  His painting are all about capturing the light, atmosphere and essence of a subject. He has a fast and spontaneous approach to his painting producing work in an expressive and impressionistic style.


He works in oils and mixed media, combining watercolour, acrylic, oil pastel and gouache. His working process is based on a series of Plein Air watercolour sketches.  He is much inspired by works of the past impressionists, Pissaro, Monet, Cezanne and Sisley to mention but a few. Working as full time artist now gives him time to diversify and experiment with light and nature. His studio is based in Stone, Staffordshire.


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